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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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May 25, 1999

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What's New?

Jo Ann Mousley Murdoch

Jo Ann Mousley Murdoch

On Wednesday, April 18th, Jo Ann Mousley Murdoch passed away unexpectedly due to a chronic health condition, while traveling. She was an avid Harmony Kingdom collector and scheduled to attend the HK Mardi Gras event in New Orleans.

The HK House of Peers announced that a Silent Auction, fundraiser for charity, will be held in her honor. This includes a full set of the figurines available for attendees at the HK Mardi Gras event. Since Jo Ann was not able to attend the event, Peter and Andrea Calvesbert are including Potato Pete in the auction. Andrea also said, "We will be able to cover the cost of postage to the highest bidder, whether that be USA, UK, or anywhere else."

Jo Ann's son decided to donate her HK Mardi Gras set to help the Florida Baptist Children's Homes in Lakeland, Florida. The auction winner, Leo Majerus, will send his winning bid of $600 to the charity.
HK Mardi Gras
The set included (left to right): Potato Pete, Mardi Gras Pete, Gambolling Gators Ver. 1 & Ver. 2, Faithful Followers, and the unpainted Paint-Your-Own Texas Speed Bump.

We believe Jo Ann would be pleased that the Florida Baptist Children's Homes has benefited, as she had personally donated to them over the years.

Florida Baptist Children's Homes

Harmony Kingdom UK and the HK House of Peers
were delighted to host our 2018 joint reunion!
HK Mardi Gras
For those that joined us in New Orleans, Louisiana,

PHOTO ALBUMS from the HK Mardi Gras reunion event have been posted!

HK Mardi Gras

Lifting the Lid on Harmony Kingdom

A Harmony Kingdom UK video featuring Peter and Andrea Calvesbert

2015 was the year of Celebration!

Pete and Andrea celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary
and the introduction of Harmony Kingdom—20 years ago!


Peter, Andrea, Sam, and Millie Calvesbert
for a wonderful Celebration!

And for the Surprise visitors!

Harmony Kingdom UK Ltd and the HK House of Peers
HK CELEBRATIONS – April 29-30 and May 1, 2016 – In England!

HK Celebrations 2016 Plaque



2012 Harmony Kingdom Announcement

After nearly 20 years, Noel and Lisa are handing over the Harmony Kingdom reins to the one person who has their complete trust and admiration — Peter Calvesbert. Back in 1990, Peter and Martin started what would become a booming box figurine craze. When they became acquainted with them in 1994, it was Peter's extraordinary talent that inspired them to create Harmony Kingdom. And over two decades, Peter has never once let them down. They will very much miss working with him, but they know that he, and his wife Andrea, will steward the collection with the utmost care and creativity, and they so look forward to seeing the interesting directions they take.

The Harmony Kingdom UK website is live at
Harmony Ball Company will maintain as an archive site.

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To associate with other like-minded people in small, purposeful groups is for the great majority of men and women a source of profound psychological satisfaction. Exclusiveness will add to the pleasure of being several, but at one; and secrecy will intensify it almost to ecstasy.
— Aldous Huxley




Harmony Kingdom's authorized independent clubs aren't secret societies, but they are a source of great pleasure and sometimes even ecstasy for fans of Harmony Kingdom. Each club is organized and run by individual collectors and, as such, are all unique. Yet they do have one thing in common—members are all fascinated by Harmony Kingdom box figurines and enjoy discovering their hidden secrets. In addition to a shared interest in Harmony Kingdom, the clubs are deeply involved in charitable activities and many provide informative newsletters and organize fun social events. Each authorized independent club elects a delegate to the House of Peers—the central council that acts as liaison between the independent clubs and Harmony Kingdom.

Please check the listing for the [club nearest you]. Many clubs accept members from out-of-state and offer long-distance benefits. Or you may decide to form your own independent club. Guidelines for receiving official sanctioning from Harmony Kingdom are listed under [Independent Club Guidelines].

Harmony Kingdom's authorized independent clubs are a great way to meet like-minded folks, develop friendship participate in meaningful charitable activities, receive special offers, invitations and pieces, and have some fun. Join today!




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