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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

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Rosemont HK Reunion Live Charity Auction

No where else will collectors have an opportunity to acquire personal items, offered by HK notables, than from the Live Charity Auction.

Leanna Barron was the live auctioneer at the HK Reunion's Live Charity Auction in Rosemont, Illinois in conjunction with the International Collectible Exposition. Eight items were donated by Harmony Ball Company staff members. Included was a Puffin Pin, with "Pete" rather than "Rosemont" on the face, from the first Lake Michigan HK boat tour in 1997. Martin Perry contributed a well used pipe from his days as a shepherd plus some old photo's. Proceeds from the event benefit NAMI [National Alliance for the Mentally Ill], where $2,770 was raised. Those happy winners are shown below.

Mary Chamberlain, Erikka Zowlenik, Susan Gruhn, Anita Anderson and ?,
Beth Reno, Susan Shemberger


Winner Donor Amount
Royal Watch Birthday Bash T-Shirt from Rosemont 2000 with "original" art
Susan Gruhn Noel Wiggins $55
At The Hop
Prototype Candle
Sylvia Richards Anna Greashaber $60
Tie Prototype
Anita Anderson Ryan Bunce $70
Martin Perry's Pipe and Photo's
Beth Reno Martin Perry $525
Day of the Dead figurine
Mary Chamberlain Lisa Yashon $125
Horny Toad figurine
Beth Reno Adam Binder $500
Puffin Pin with "Pete"
Susan Shemberger Peter Calvesbert $1,400
Boyds Bear
Erikka Zwolenik Adam Binder $35



The unique 'Day of the Dead' figurine is from Lisa Yashon's
collection of memorabilia acquired during a Mexican visit
with Noel Wiggins.

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