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(The House of Lords is the second chamber of the British Houses of
Parliament. Members of the House of Lords are known as 'peers.')

HK House of Peers

2013-2014 HOP Officers Elected
HOP Fund Raising
Welcome! by Noel Wiggins
HOP Makes Its Debut!
May 25, 1999

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HK House of Peers
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Harmony Kingdom

HK House of Peers


from Harmony Kingdom and the HOP council that affects all HK collectors.

The House of Peers will be channeling information between HK and collectors through the authorized independent Clubs. Noteworthy news from Harmony Kingdom and/or the HOP council will be posted here as an aid to your collecting experience.

HK House of Peers - News

June 26, 2011 HOP 2011-2012 Officers Elected
October 30, 2009 HOP 2009-2010 Officers Elected
August 24, 2008 HOP 2008-2009 Officers Elected (Updated)
October 15, 2006 HOP 2006-2007 Officers Re-Elected
September 24, 2005 New 2005-2006 HOP Officers Elected
October 2, 2004 HOP 2004-2005 Officers Elected
November 21, 2003 Design A Jest Contest & HOP Raffle
July 4, 2003 New 2003-2004 HOP Officers Elected
July 4, 2002 New HOP 2002-2003 Officers Elected
July 5, 2001 Three New HOP Officers Elected
May 15, 2001 HOP Fund Raising
April 15, 2001 HOP Raffle and Design A Jest Contest
August 1, 2000 New HOP Officers Elected
January 16, 2000 New HOP Treasurer Elected
December 1, 1999 HOP Bylaws Approved
November 29, 1999 Six New Clubs . . . Join The List
June 6, 1999 Plus One Makes 13!
May 26, 1999 1st Charity Event - Prototype 'Road Kill' Auction
May 26, 1999 Welcome! by Noel Wiggins
May 25, 1999 HOP Makes Its Debut!

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